Sunday, July 31, 2011

50 Best Fashion Tips of All Time (okay, or just 10)

I recently received my makeover issue of InStyle Magazine (a.k.a my fashion/beauty bible).
My favorite part of this issue was the section called, "The 50 Best Fashion Tips of All Time."  I liked it so much that I thought I'd relay some of my favorite tips to my lovely readers --just in case you're not a subscriber to the mag! 

Here are my 10 favorite fashion tips!

1. Own a white cotton button-down. 

So classic.
The mag suggests to go ahead and buy three if you find a style that fits you perfectly. 
(They have a short shelf-life.)

2.  Think in multiples. 

Expanding upon #1... 
If you find a dress or a pair of pants that fits you perfectly, buy multiples in different colors!
When it works, why question it?

Think Jackie O.  She had a closet full of sheath dresses in different colors!  

3.  Throw on a scarf. 

I'm a huge fan of a great scarf.  I wear them all the time, whether it be winter or summer.  It can transform a simple t-shirt or dress in such a simple, chic way! 

4.  Edit your closet.

You should be able to see all of your clothes without rummaging.  Donate clothes you haven't worn within the past year! 

By the way, how much do the feministic touches in that closet just make you swoon?

5.  When in doubt, wear nude pumps.

When matched to your skin tone, they'll make your legs look a mile long!

6.  Own at least one leopard-print item.
It's a perfect way to add a statement to an outfit.  Do keep it to just ONE leopard item per outfit, though!
Super glamorous! 

7.   Don't buy a "bargain" if you don't love it. 

It's better to have quality than quantity.  Don't be fooled by a great sale ...only buy it if you LOVE it!

8.  Make friends with a great tailor. 

Such a difference can be made when your clothes fit your body perfectly! 
Why own a $100 pair of trousers if they are ill-fitting?

9.  Pair loose with tight.

If you wear skinny jeans, pair it with a more flowing top (unless you have a Victoria's Secret model body, that is ...or if you're tiny & petite like Audrey Hepburn!).

Likewise, if you wear wide-leg trousers, pair them with a more tailored-fitting top. 

It's all about balancing out your outfits!

10.  Add an element of surprise.

Jazz up your LBD or classic outfit by one funky accessory, like a bold necklace, a colorful bag or a bright pump! 

Love the pop of color in this LBD/clutch combo!

Did anyone else read this section of the InStyle Makeover issue? What are some of your favorite tips that I left out?


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Friday, July 29, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother, who has a heart of absolute gold!

After work, I'll be jumping on 17 South to go home to celebrate with the family!


P.S. For those of you asking, I added a note into my previous post that explains where I got my beach cover-up!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally ...a weekend update!

Yes, yes ...I realize that it's a bit late for me to be posting about last weekend, but better late than never! 

These pictures are from the Beaufort Water Festival.  We took the boat out to the sandbar & met up with a bunch of old friends.  It's an annual tradition for us Lowcountry folks! 

So here is my post ... little words, many pictures.  


At Brandon's before going on the boat.  Notice one of our old prom pictures on his dresser.  We went to four proms together! 
**My tunic cover-up is made by Elizabeth Gillett.  I found this at Saks Off Fifth recently.  It was $100.00 & I snagged it for $25!**

Our friends, Drew & Cody

My brother and his girlfriend, Katelyn


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Temptations

I've been very tempted to try...

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Gloss

I've heard that it's amazing!
The formula has Omega 3s, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil. 
Plus, it tastes like vanilla.

I love a gold bangle.
(...especially a set of two that is now on sale on

$88    $61

How pretty is this nail polish? 
Zoya Nail Polish in Minka can be best described as: A pale, milky beige nude with yellow undertones and a hint of pearly silver shimmer. An opaque, full-coverage nude, especially flattering on skin with neutral and olive tones. (

Tell me that this sandwich doesn't make your mouth water.

and finally

I am so loving my new French Connection Wizard Wonder dress that I am tempted to wear it to work.
Ok, I kid, but I do want to wear it soon!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Fancies: LWD

It is time for Friday Fancies!  I just love {av} at {Long Distance Loving} ....and she's created such a fabulous link-up! 

I have to admit that I haven't been very great at being consistent with my Friday Fancies, but I love it when I do participate.  It is so fun to put together an outfit with absolutely no financial restrictions involved! 

This week's Friday Fancies is themed around the LWD, or the little white dress.
Oh, I just had to do an entry because I am LWD obsessed!

Tibi multi color dress, $375

It's hard to resist a LWD, isn't it?

I've gone to Beaufort for the second weekend of the Water Festival! Pictures to come...


Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday (A Day Late)

I'm loving the Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer.  It's fantastic. I've used many primers and this is by far the best on my skin.  Fabulous for combination to oily skin!

I'm loving the smoothies I've been having for breakfast in the mornings.

I include ice, nonfat yogurt, coffee, banana, chocolate protein powder, and (gasp!) spinach leaves, which cannot be tasted, by the way.
It is quite delightful, if I do say so myself! Only about 250-300 calories and about 30g of protein.

Speaking of food, I'm loving the dinner we had at Coast the night before last!

I had the Lobster & Crab Gratin.
Half lobster stuffed with blue crab meat, lobster, and parmesan cream herb breadcrumb crust, green beans, and parmesan mashed potatoes

Except ... notice that I don't have any mashed potatoes on my plate.  Random tidbit about me, I hate mashed potatoes.  Nothing a substitution of seasoned fries couldn't fix! I swear the waiter looked at me like I was crazy for ordering fries with my lobster, but hey... I'm a french fry girl, okay?

Brandon had the Plantain Encrusted Mahi Mahi.
Blue cheese mashed potatoes, asparagus, and sweet basil butter sauce

I would highly recommend Coast Bar and Grill.  It was filmed in the movie, Dear John, too!
If you've seen the movie, you might recognize the alley leading to the restaurant.

View the menu by clicking here.

I'm loving my always faithful, respectful, funny, loving boyfriend.

I realize that I have about 400 more followers now than when I posted our "story."  If you're interested in hearing about how we met and how he was my first boyfriend, click here to check it out.

In that post, I included old pictures of the two of us, up until 2010.  To make it more up to date, here are a handful of photos we've taken so far this year!

well...this one was at the end of 2010! oops!

I just about ended this post with "Happy Wednesday!" but was then reminded that it is Thursday.  I swear this week has been so hectic for me & I'm losing my brain!

XO sistahs.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day to Night

Without a doubt, my favorite thing to wear is a dress.  
They are easy, ladylike, and so versatile.  

In the summer, I pair my dresses with a cute pair of sandals & fun accessories.
In the winter, I'll continue to wear a good bit of my dresses that aren't too summery by pairing them with a leather jacket/jean jacket/blazer, a scarf, tights, and some Jack Rogers or boots. 

The great thing about dresses, too, is that you can easily take them from day to night.  

Exhibit A: 

I wore this dress to work the other day. 

Then at night, dressed it up with a blazer & some wedges.

Hope you all are having a great weekend so far. 

I'm in Beaufort for the first weekend of the Beaufort Water Festival. 

We are about to head out on the boat for a day of fun in the sun. 

Tonight we'll head downtown for a Lee Brice concert, which is this year's "Concert in the Park" event.

Lee Brice, Country Singer

I've been coming to the Water Festival since I was a little girl.  It's known all over the state & draws in large crowds to our small town (I grew up in Beaufort, although I, of course, live in Charleston now. But my family and Brandon's family are still in the area).

Happy Saturday, loves!