Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Cutest Floppy Hat on the Block + My Weekend

Thanks to the minds behind Facebook's advertisements, I saw an ad for the most precious website!

Marley Lilly Monogramming and Personalization has the cutest monogrammed items.  

(We Southerners love anything monogrammed.)

Here's what I have my eyes on:

This can be purchased for $30 here.
I love to wear big, floppy hats. They turn beach attire into instant chic! 

Oh, the monogrammed hat comes in black, too!
There are also more hats on the website that are outlined in bright, Lilly-esque colors. 

This weekend was beautiful! 
My photo shoot on Friday went really well! A local photographer needed just one shot for a project, so it was very quick.  I'll post photos once I get them back from him.  Brandon went with me and was such a wonderful supporter/chauffeur/purse holder.

After that, Brandon and I went to Red's for dinner.  We sat on the porch underneath an outdoor heater.  I was so hungry, so we got nachos for an appetizer.  I obviously didn't pace myself very well because by the time my entree came, I was completely full. Oh well.

I started feeling really bad after dinner.  The cold has been going around school/the office and I thought I may have been getting it.  I felt light-headed, congested, and just plain exhausted!  So instead of going out, we stayed in with a Redbox movie.  We also made white chocolate croissants which were amazing.

My family came into town on Saturday to celebrate my dad's birthday. The day went by so quickly but it was so much fun! We went to mass at the cathedral and then to dinner at Folly Beach.  

Today was another beautiful 70 degree day! I went shopping in Mt. Pleasant to stock up on a few unnecessary items. 


...and a picture of the Cooper River Bridge as I was heading to Mt. Pleasant:
So pretty! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Question about initials monogramming and such! Is your last name Initial suppose to go in the middle? For initials are CMS so when you get something initialed is it technically suppose to really read cSm ?

  2. Gosh, what perfect weather!!! Can't wait for spring to hit here

  3. Yes, the last initial goes in the middle! So yours would be cSm!

  4. infinitely jealous of your sunny and warm weather. this is why I need to move south! love that hat--and the sweet! hopefully you can share some photos from your shoot! hope you're feeling better now...enjoy the rest of your night, pretty lady! xoxo {av}

  5. Omg! I love floppy hats and the monogram is adorable!


  6. what an awesome hat! I also LOVE floppy hats and have both a black one and a wheat colored one...but I love the idea of one with a monogram! I'm tempted :) thanks for sharing the link!

  7. LOVE me some floppy brim hats! Will def. be going over there to check it out because I sorrrrta squished mine last summer!! Oops!

  8. Love that hat! I def need one for this summer! Cute outfit and I wish I had a white chocolate croissant right now!!

  9. Love the monogramed hat! Too cute! And thank goodness for Redbox, it saved my life last semester!

  10. I love floppy hats too! I can't wait for it to warm up so I can start wearing mine again :)

  11. Looks like an amazing weekend and I'm LOVING the hat!!! So cute!! :)
    Just gave you the Seven Facts award on my blog -- would love to hear more about you! xoxo

  12. Love the big floppy hat! I always carry it on when I travel - I know I look ridiculous, but when I hit that pool, I'm fab! ;)


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