Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: many pictures & few words

Hello Beauties!

I'm recovering from the awful stomach bug.  12 hours straight of sickness is no fun.  The past two days have been recovery days for me, as I'm still quite weak.  I'm so thankful I didn't get this on Christmas or NYE, so I guess I picked a perfect time if I had to be sick.  Unfortunately, my brother got the bug from me and is sick in Atlanta right now.  I feel so bad that it is putting a damper on his NYE plans!

Today, I've decided to post a summary of my 2010 via pictures, especially since I only started blogging mid-way through the year. This way, you can know what I was up to before you met me!

We kicked off 2010 in Charleston with great friends.

 I took a handful of trips to Clemson while Brandon was finishing his last semester this past Spring.  There's not much going on in Clemson, so we fed cows:

...(also in Clemson) we would go out with friends downtown

...and we took a few hiking trips about an hour from Clemson:

Oh! & we were even in two places at once. 
North Carolina/South Carolina border:
I spent some time with my wonderful, long lost, best friends

Brandon and I went to a hockey game
(...ehh..not the most popular sport in SC)

We went to a Michael Franti/John Mayer concert with Brandon's best friend and his girlfriend, Kayla.

  and my 'lanta, it snowed in Charleston! Enough to make a snowman!

 As it warmed up in Clemson, we enjoyed some relaxing mornings on Brandon's apartment porch. 

Then he graduated in May! 
My favorite civil engineer in the world:

We took a vacation (even though the destination is just outside of our home town) at Fripp Island for the Charities Golf Tournament, which Brandon played in: 

Summer had officially set in & we took multiple fishing trips. 

We attended a few weddings.
Here I am with my dad at a family friend's wedding.

Back in Charleston, Brandon and I made it to a few River Dogs baseball games.

4th of July at Folly Beach with my friend, Jenna

The Beaufort Water Festival (this is about the time that I started blogging!)

My two besties came to Charleston to celebrate my birthday in August

Many great dinners with great people. 
This is at Rita's Seaside Grille at Folly Beach.

We took the best vacation in the Bahamas

...where we swam with dolphins! 

Here is Brandon screaming like a little girl going down a slide at the Atlantis.


Clemson/Carolina football game


ps. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve! Have fun and be careful!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

eat mor chikin

Go to the Chick-fil-A website to reserve your free spicy chicken biscuit!

Okay, let's get something straight. 
I've never heard a single soul say that they don't like Chick-fil-A. ...and why does everyone like it? Because their chicken chikin is so darn tasty.  The seasoning is so unique and is immediately recognizable among the large seas of fried chicken! 

Earlier this year, Chick-fil-A introduced the spicy chicken sandwich. 
Do I think it's good? Yes, extremely.  
Is it the new reason people love Chic-fil-A? Of course not.  
Have I ever ordered it again? No. 

Now the spicy chicken is being incorporated into the breakfast menu.
I know that it isn't going to replace my love for the original chicken, but we're talking about free breakfast here! 
Brandon and I are so there. 
January 6, to be exact.

Hurry and get your reservation online before they are all gone!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas, Part Two

I told y'all last night that I'd finish my Christmas post.  My family is watching Inception right now, and this blonde brain of mine doesn't quite understand it, so I figured I'd do a blog post!   I have a lot of thoughts to put into one post, but I'll try to keep this short!

Last thing I told y'all was that my family was watching our home movie DVDs on Christmas morning.  Mom makes a wonderful ham and cheese croissant casserole (we look forward to eating it every year!) that we munched on all morning and afternoon.  Here are a few pictures of my goodies that I opened from Santa:

...because a girl is never too old for a new Barbie, of course!

...but Santa's elves at Neiman Marcus did run into a bit of a problem

Luckily, Neiman Marcus has free return shipping, so the proper size cable bracelet will be sent to me soon! 
I thought "small" was normal and "medium" was for larger wrists... but that wasn't the case! The small bracelet you see in the front is obviously for a super tiny wrist. 

Brandon came over and had dinner with my family on Christmas.  We exchanged presents afterward.  His dad helped me find the perfect gift for him.  

A 1940s/1950s vintage Omega watch.
All of the gold you see is 18k. He loved it! 

I had the back engraved.

Brandon gave me a beautiful ring that his dad made.  His parents own a jewelry store in Beaufort and picked out the stone in Germany during one of their diamond trips.  They gave me a gorgeous amethyst pendant that was also picked out and made by Brandon's dad.  So special!

It has been such a great Christmas.  Yes, Santa was awfully good to me, but the real reason for the season made this a wonderful holiday.  It's not the presents under the tree, but the people around it! Hope you all made wonderful memories this Christmas. 

...& hey, we even got snow today!  It didn't stick, but it sure looked pretty coming down!  It wasn't anything worth taking a picture of, though. 

Here are a few OOTD before I sign off for the night-

Brandon and I gave each other (almost) matching Patagonias! They are so comfy!