Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nailympics + Miranda Kerr + Magical Ice Cream!

Just when you thought you had seen it all...
Britain's Nailympics: The Olympics of fake nail art.

This is slightly very strange, but true evidence that whatever you're hobby might be, there is 
a club/convention/contest catered to that interest!

It's just weird. That's all it is.

...on to my next thought!
How am I just finding out that Miranda Kerr is pregnant?

Despite being five months preggo, Kerr walked in Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 2011 show.
 Is she even human?

...Oh, just one more thing!
We all love ice cream.
If you don't like ice cream, then you aren't human. (You and the non-human, pregnant-but-stick-skinny Miranda Kerr can go hang out.)

And now a reason to love ice cream even more!
Styelist reports that Unilever, a personal-care product powerhouse, is working on the technology to create an ice cream that has super rich antioxidant levels rich that the ice cream would boast anti-aging properties!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

...just my two cents!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A few random thoughts!

What do y'all think Rihanna's red hair?

In my opinion, Rihanna can do whatever she wants to her hair and she will still look fabulous.

Wonder what I would look like with red hair like that?
Yikes! I'll leave this hair color to the Little Mermaid and Rihanna!


I bought a new nail polish today!
I've really been loving more neutral takes on an edgy color. 
Grey-toned nail colors are definitely becoming the new neutral. 
(You all might know from my recent post that I love Revlon's "Grey Suede")

I've found another neutral grey that I love! 
Essie's "Chinchilly"

This one is more bold than "Grey Suede," but still toned down enough so that it's not too much for the workplace. It's also more grey than the more beige tones in "Grey Suede."
This is not the best lighting ... sorry!
I really love it! What do y'all think?

ps. this is what happens to me when I'm let loose in Ulta's nail polish section:
The signs that say "Don't open nail polish" apparently don't apply to me. I can't help it!

This weekend flew by all too quickly.
On Friday night, a group of friends and I went to Red's Icehouse, a local seafood restaurant.
Six of us out of this picture went to high school together! 
We are all living in the same town now & I think it's so great that we've remained close.

Almost every time I've been to Red's, I've seen this dog named Nigel. 
I can't remember what his breed is, but he might be part dinosaur. 
Here is a goofy picture that Brandon took with him.
(Brandon thinks he is funny!)
He looks smaller in this picture than in real life, I promise!

While I was searching for his breed on Google, I found some pictures of some HUGE dogs!
They even make Nigel look like a little puppy! 

Well, that's just my two cents for today!
Hope everyone has a great night.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Headache Relief

I used to get the most terrible migraine headaches, but as I got older, they grew far and few between. 
I remember telling someone last week that I hadn't experienced a headache in a very long time.
I spoke too soon.

This week, as I've been on my health kick, I decided to give up Diet Coke. 
I should have known better.

When I tried this on Monday, I made it until about 3pm.  
Then the caffeine withdrawals set in.

I knew I could relieve this headache by drinking some caffeine, but I didn't want to give in.
I could have taken some Advil, but I really don't like taking those pills.
I thought I could take a nap and sleep it off.
...but it was so bad that I couldn't even fall asleep.

Lucky for me, I have a boyfriend who has a very smart mommy!
She made a headache/achy muscle reliever, also known as, "The Rice Bag."

Hello, rice bag.

All you need is a long, thick sock, some rice, and a microwave!
Put enough rice in the sock so that it is heavy and weighted, but is still movable. 
(You don't want the sock to be packed stiff with rice.)
You'll want the this rice bag, after it is filled, to be at least 14 inches long.
Tie the end in a tight knot. 
Heat this bad boy in the microwave for a minute or two. 
Put it on the back of your neck, as you would do with one of those travel/airplane pillows.
& there you have it ... your headache's saving grace! 

This is the only thing that made my headache feel better. 

At 6pm, I gave in and had a diet coke. The caffeine didn't help my headache.
At 7pm, I had two Tylenol. Didn't help either.

Brandon remembered he had one of these bags at about 9pm.
I felt immediate relief! 
You could also put some lavender or other herbs/oils in the bag, along with the rice, for a nice fragrance.
This feels great on the lower back, as well!
As for the Diet Coke...'s already back in my life. 
Maybe next week.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Fall!

Today is the first day of Fall!
Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons because they give you something to look forward to.  

During Spring, the warmer air and blooming flowers remind us that 
backyard cookouts, the smell of sunscreen (my favorite smell), and
many days on the boat are ahead of us!

Fall tells us that it's time to get ready for the winter
holidays, warm peacoats, and (for 
us here in the South), maybe even an inch of two of snow!

Here in Charleston, we've been dealing with 100 degree weather since June and I'm so excited that some cooler weather is going to relieve us!

Here are some reasons why I'm so excited to see Fall come:

1. Halloween
My first college roommates freshman year on Halloween. From left, Chandler, Crystal, Savanna, and me.

2. The Miss SC USA 2011 Pageant
Photographer: Justin Chin
 This pageant takes place here in Charleston during November. I was a competitor last year, but I'm not competing this year. I'll definitely be there to watch, though! Can't wait for that.

3. Vests and Boots
vests and boots
4. The smell of leaves burning
This smell is comforting to me because Dad used to burn leaves every Saturday during Fall. (He still does, actually.)  We live in a rural area and have a five acre yard (that sits in the middle of two huge sod fields), so there are a LOT of leaves to burn! I guess I love the smell so much because it reminds me of home.

5. Hiking trips to see the leaves change
Brandon and I went a few times last year because he was still living in Clemson and was so close to the mountains.  We had so much fun and I hope to make another trip soon.
6. The Clemson/Carolina Game

Are all of you happy to see Fall arrive?


Monday, September 20, 2010

Leopard trend

We've all heard about the Fall leopard trend...

This is a picture that was posted by Lauren Conrad on Twitter.
What do y'all think about her leopard nails?

I think I'm more of a solid-colored-nail gal... but I love the look for Lauren!
I believe I will stick to a leopard accent piece to embrace this trend.
There are some presh leopard bags at Just Dandy's Blog!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday re-cap & healthy eating!

It's been so long since I've posted a blog! 
Sorry about that.

I've been such a busy bee -at least I've felt like I've been busy, but when I think back to this past week, I can't think of what was so time-consuming.

On Saturday, Brandon and I went to Columbia to the USC vs. Furman game.
I was supposed to have gone to Auburn to watch the Clemson vs. AU game (I was raised a big Clemson fan), but plans fell through. I was so disappointed, but definitely had a great time in Columbia. Brandon is a Clemson fan, too, & graduated from there this past May.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend!
It was SO hot...95+ degrees. Whew!
(I was planning on wearing Khaki shorts, but when Brandon came to pick me up, I realized we would be dressed exactly alike! So I had to pull out some white shorts at the last minute, despite it being after Labor Day.)

Even though we were at the USC/Furman game, I had on a sticker that said "Beat Auburn"
We stuck a "Beat Auburn" sticker on Brittany, too. She didn't like it!

Today, I realized that my healthy eating habits have recently been non-existent.
This morning, I read my favorite healthy-living blog & got some fitness/healthy food motivation.
I went to the grocery store & grabbed some fresh eats!
Rotisserie Chicken, cilantro, tomatoes, avocado, jalapeno, cucumber, onion, mushrooms, grapes, cantaloupe
After I got these items home, it hit me that I have no idea what on Earth I'm going to cook with these items.

Tonight, I used the mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, and a few cucumbers & sauteed them in olive oil. Then added in some garlic & egg whites.

Here's my egg-white omelet. I'm really a terrible cook, so I burned it a little.
A little crispiness never hurt anyone!
Egg-white omelet, salsa, rotisserie chicken, & some tomatoes on the side.
I'm also planning on working out a lot more this week, too. I usually go to the gym or walk outside twice a week and do yoga twice a week.  I'm going to amp it up a little! I'll let you know how that goes.

Oh! Here's another item I picked up:

I loooove to eat edamame at sushi restaurants, but I've never tried it dry roasted. I also loooove wasabi & can't fully enjoy my sushi rolls without it.
I tried these babies in the car while I was running errands today & all I can say is WOAH! Thank goodness I had a my water bottle with me!!
The flavor says "Wasabi", but what it should say is "Burn your lips off, make your nose run, & cry like a baby Wasabi"

This is all for tonight. I'm going to try & do a little pilates before my E! shows come on at 10pm.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Must-have Monday!

I bought a new foundation this weekend and I must say that it is a must-have!
Lancome's Teint Idole Fresh Wear foundation isn't cheap at $32 for .85oz, but I'm convinced that it is well worth the price.
It gives you a very natural finish, but can be layered to reach a more moderate coverage.
I love it because after applying a very small amount to my face, it makes my skin look as though I'm not wearing any makeup at all (and makes my skin look as though it doesn't need any either!).
It says that it keeps you shine-free for 18 hours.
I haven't kept it on my face for that long, but it definitely stays put & oil-free from about 8a.m. - 5p.m.

...more must-haves:

& my last must have is a

and a

to watch
The new season starts at 9pm (est) on The CW!
Who's planning on watching?